The character of digital image on Internet is slowly changing, thus our digital identity becomes fragmented.


By definition, social media is all about sharing information, whether it's photos, articles or own thoughts. Anyhow people has become more aware about what they sharing on social media as the disclosure of a person's identity may present certain issues related to privacy. Many people adopt strategies that help them control the disclosure of their own, family or friends information online. Face blurring or masking are ways to increase privacy while still allowing users to share photos. Though the kind of mask one chooses reveals at least something of the subject behind the mask. In this image collection the white circle is applied by me in respect to persons identity.  


With privacy regulations changing all the time around the globe and the recent GDPR that came into effect in the EU, it is recommended to comply with all regulations per default by adding/ integrating face blurring or masking in services.

Most media outlets in order protecting a person's privacy blur or mask the persons face. This is probably the least controversial form of media censorship. Privacy issues can be magnified for people who just happen to be present at a crime scene. The photo editors of newspapers tend to select photographs for publication there faces of persons involved are blurred or pixelated due to avoid identification.


Hundreds of millions of online social network users present themselves and share thoughts and pictures every day. The data shared on social media sometimes includes sensitive details, which generates privacy issues such as unintentional facial recognition, identity theft, profiling risk or location leakage. Special security is applied to military people exposure.

Most of images of Special Forces and soldiers faces are blurred, that are mean their identity cannot be revealed, because of security reasons, terrorist or anyone can retaliate against their family members. Most of the soldiers do not want to be recognized, whenever they work undercover or other operation.